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Almost Completion

This is the third week of this painting and I am at the stage where I can try and pick the point where I am finished. A painting is never properly finished, the artist has to chose where to stop.

I moved all the images so it would surround my painting, this way I am now engrossed in my work. As it was looking very white and chalky around the torso, I warmed it up alot but it still looks very opaque, which I would want to change.

To give a more translucent look to the body, I used my trusty burgundy colour to wash it over the opaque parts. This I feel adds a more violent touch because the colour is so bloody and it's a great way to merge the background into the shadows of the body.

This is the stage where I need to think carefully about what I am doing because sometimes I can think this is finished but others will say it needs more work. Critiques can be very useful in the stage if you need more opinions. It also shows you are open to suggestions whether they are good or bad.

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