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The second wave of painting

A week has gone by with the same painting and I have made a lot of progress with it. It could be good or bad but it is progress at the end of the day.

I started again by darkening up some shadow parts, I wanted to get the darkest parts in early doors. Following that, I included my undertones. The undertones don't usually change with my paintings as this is, in a way, my handwriting and I wouldn't want it to change too much.

By this stage I am including some mid-tones. This isn't easy sometimes because parts of the body can get lost, this is why I added more background so I can determine, again, where my figure is. My process can sometimes be backwards because I don't follow a set list. I go on impulse and feeling.

This is where I finished for the day and again I am happy with how the day went. I wanted to quickly add in the clothing, which only took a few brushstrokes, just so I wouldn't get absorbed in the flesh and focus too much on it. This was a wise decision because the figure is starting to look lively and more complete, even though I am no where near completion. Then again this is the way of the artist, you have to learn to walk away at a stage you are happy with. The next steps for me are have a group critique to see what other peoples' thoughts on this are.

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